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    The 6h EndurLarity by RallyClassics arrive on November 16 at Parcmotor

The 6h EndurLarity by RallyClassics arrive on November 16 at Parcmotor

By |October 28, 2019|

After finishing the Porsche Classic Series, we make a pit stop before the last circuit test of the season 2019: the expected 6 Hours EndurLarity arrive on November 16. […]

Boxes conversations

By |July 19, 2019|

Typical conversation of Boxes:
– You really do not know what EndurLarity means?
+ I told you I do not know English.
– Well, come out of joining Endurance (resistance) with Regularity […]

6H ENDURLARITY on November 16 at Parcmotor

By |July 10, 2019|

The 6H ENDURLARITY is celebrated on November 16th at the Parcmotor circuit. It is a test of regularity and resistance in which you can share equipment with different pilots, […]

Return the 6H ENDURLARITY of Parcmotor

By |June 25, 2019|

They return the 6H ENDURLARITY of Parcmotor, the RallyClassics test that unites regularity and resistance in circuit. Under this formula for classic cars and youngsters, everyone runs at the […]

Carles Miró, shines in all specialties

By |December 11, 2018|

Carles Miró is the prototype of a passionate pilot for the classics, who participates in all kinds of events and disciplines, at a very high level. In 2019 he […]

Total success at 6H EndurLarity

By |November 5, 2018|

The 6H EndurLarity of Parcmotor has had an enormous success, for the format that the 57 drivers liked, for the excitement until the last 1h sleeve, and for the […]

54 pilots in the 6H EndurLarity of Parcmotor

By |November 2, 2018|

The 6H EndurLarity of Parcmotor is born with a large group of 54 pilots who will dare to contest a regularity test of 6h, in formations of 1 to […]

Enjoy the experience of driving on gravel

By |May 2, 2018|

On Saturday, May 12 Mollerussa offers an exceptional opportunity for pilots who want to experience driving on land, with maximum safety. The Porsche Classic Series are back on the […]