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2020 is going to be an exciting season. On January 16th, the 14 events of this year will be presented at the Porsche Centro Barcelona, bringing together the great family of RallyClassics, formed by pilots, sponsors and volunteers. The first date of the year will be as usual in Viladrau, on January 18th, with the XIX Rallye d’Hivern. The new RallySchool will organize several courses during the year; the first in Viladrau, on January 17th; the second on February 7th and 8th in Calonge i St. Antoni; and the following, on snow and ice in Andorra and Sweden. The 68 Rally Costa Brava – first event of the European Historic Rally Championship – will be held in Girona on March 13th and 14th with more than 180 teams and a new format of 3 stages on Friday, and 8 stages on Saturday. The XVII Rally Costa Brava Historic of Palamós will be Qualifying Event of the FIA Regularity Trophy, this year with 3 stages, from from October 15 to 18. The Porsche Classic Series also bring news: this year 4 regularity events on 4 different circuits, including Parcmotor, Alcarràs and Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya, with the finale at the Circuit de Calafat on November 21st. An exciting season awaits us!