The people who are part of the team are our greatest asset, the engine that works tirelessly to offer unique experiences to our participants, sponsors and audiences in our tests: always at your disposal.

Alex Romaní
Alex RomaníPresident | “With the best team, I assure you unique experiences”
Xina Rivera
Xina RiveraAdministration | “Let's solve it with a smile”
Tere Armadans
Tere ArmadansAdministration | “At the wheel of the inscriptions, gas!”
Almendra Alfonso
Almendra AlfonsoAdministration | “Everything under control, need assistance?”
Ramon Garcia
Ramon GarciaComputing | “0010100111101010010011”
Xavi Bové
Xavi BovéMarketing | “Accelerate together to the first place on the podium”
Christian Gutiérrez
Christian GutiérrezProduction | “Tireless until the end of each event”
Ricard Garcia
Ricard GarciaDesigner | “We will make the buttons to suck the fingers”
Alex Romaní Jr.
Alex Romaní Jr.Speaker | “The good environment is neither created nor destroyed, but transformed”
Paco Foret
Paco ForetWeb | “No sails nor waves ... This is surfing!”
Manel Cabot
Manel CabotFilmer | “I record everything, everything and everything”
Jordi Parro
Jordi ParroLogistics | “What do you need? I have it”
Víctor Romaní
Víctor RomaníProduction | “All ready, just waiting for you”
Enric Cabot
Enric CabotFilmer | “I have the right objective for each curve”
Aleix Rodríguez
Aleix RodríguezVolunteer Coordinator | “Live your passion on the front line”