ParcMotor Castellolí, 14-5-2017.- After a day of great competition, the Team Porsche Barcelona has won the second test of the Porsche Classic Series by RallyClassics, held at the ParcMotor circuit in Castellolí. Jaume Campreciós and his Porsche 968 achieved a great and clear victory in cars, with triumph of the duet Joan Pedragosa-Josep Beltri (Lotus Seven) in the section of Formulas. In motorcycles new triumph of a Tejedo, this time Alejandro Tejedo Escuin (Ducati F1 750), although the winner of Calafat, Alejandro Tejedo Zabaco (Ducati F1 750), father of the previous one, added enough points to maintain the lead in the series.

Photo: Alejandro Tejedo Escuin (Ducati F1 750)

In cars and in the first round, Martinez-Palau (VW) achieved the triumph by the small margin of 3 points on Campreciós (Porsche), with Marcó-Nomen (Porsche) and Renú (BMW) then the only four cars in Decrease of 100 points. In the second round, Campreciós made a great performance achieving a clear victory that also was worth the final victory. Marcó-Nomen were second and Martínez-Palau third, being fourth Carles Miró (Porsche). Pedragosa-Beltri (Lotus) dominated the section Formulas in both sleeves.

In the section Ferres (Yamaha), Tejedo jr (Ducati) and Tibau (Suzuki) ended in this order and in the meager margin of 5 points in the first round, while in the second was Tejedo who achieved the lowest score on Conde (BMW) and Tibau. The BMW was only 1 point of the winner, but in the end and under the handicap was 9 points but retaining its position.

Foto: Jaume Campreciós, from Team Porsche Barcelona (Porsche 968)

The next edition of the Porsche Classic Series by RallyClassics will be held on June 17 in Alcarràs, a test that will mark the middle of the season. In the first two events and because of the uncertainty of time handicaps with which the top five of the previous race are penalized, the uncertainty will continue until the last competition of the year, which will take place at the Circuit de Barcelona -Catalunya on October 7.


Final classification Porsche Classic Series in ParcMotor

1-Jaume Campreciós (Porsche 968), 108 points
2-Jordi Martinez-Francesc Palau (Volkswagen Golf GTI), 133 points
3-Josep Lluís Marcó-Jordi Nomen (Porsche 911 T), 150 points
4-Jordi Renú (BMW 323i), 202 points
5-Joan Pedragosa-Josep Beltri (Lotus Seven, 1st Formulas), 202 points
6-Carles Miró (Porsche 924), 213 points
7-Paul Vinches-Yves Balasse (Ford Sierra Cosworth), 240 points
8-Ferran Gonzalez-Serra (Porsche 911 Carrera), 264 points
9-Gerard Leduc-Yann Leduc (Triumph TR3), 292 points
10-Eduardo Conde Muntadas-Eduardo Conde Lucaya (BMW 3.0 CSI), 334 p.
Etc. up to 50 classifieds

1-Alejandro Tejedo Escuin (Ducati F1 750), 33 points
2-Miguel Ángel Ferres (Yamaha FZ 750), 45 points
3-Xavier Tibau (Suzuki GSXR 750), 48 points
4-Josep Llort (Suzuki GSXR 750), 66 points
5-Eduardo Conde (BMW R90S Daytona), 80 points
6-Alejandro Tejedo Zabaco (Ducati F1 750), 80 points
7-Miquel Colomeda (Suzuki GSXR 1100), 87 points
8-Josep Benaiges (Suzuki GSXR 750 RK), 88 points
9-Antonio Gil (Yamaha RD350), 90 points
10-Angel Gil (Honda CBR 600), 91 points
Etc. up to 37 classifieds


Provisional classification Porsche Classic Series 2017

1-Jaume Campreciós (Porsche 968), 57 points
2-Francesc Palau-Jordi Martinez (Volkswagen Golf GTI), 53 points
3-Josep Lluís Marcó (Porsche 911 T), 52 points
4-Eduardo Conde Lucaya-Eduardo Conde Muntadas (BMW 3.0 CSI), 45.5 p.
5-Ferran Gonzalez-Serra (Porsche 911 Carrera), 45 points
5-Paul Vinches-Yves Balasse (Ford Sierra Cosworth), 45 points

1-Joan Pedragosa-Josep Beltri (Lotus Seven), 80 points
2-Jean Caszalot (Lola T-598), 62 points
3-Antonio Serrano-Jordi Motger (Westfield SE), 48 points
4-Alexandre Caszalot (Lola T-598), 28 points
5-Jean-Paul Chabbert-Jerome Quiot (Caterham 1600J), 28 points

1-Alejandro Tejedo Zabaco (Ducati F1 750), 48 points
2-Eduardo Conde (BMW R90S Daytona), 46.5 points
3-Miquel Colomeda (Suzuki GSXR 1100), 43 points
4-Josep Llort (Suzuki GSXR 750), 41 points
5-Alejandro Tejedo Escuin (Ducati F1 750), 37 points
Photographs of free use: Ramon Puig


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