El Chopard Rally of the stars

17 April, 2019|

(Foto Javier Lorite)
The 2nd Chopard Rally will be full of high quality events.
On Thursday May 23, reception and welcome at the boutique Chopard Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona. […]

More contests for the 2nd Chopard Rally

13 April, 2019|

The 2nd Chopard Rally has different contests that are a Regularity Rally, a Photo Rally and an Elegance Contest. In addition, this new edition will feature another contest, where […]

2nd Chopard Rally on May 23-26

9 April, 2019|

The Volta Catalunya is an itinerant event in which it prioritizes tourism and gastronomy, with some regularity, and fun contests, among which there will be a Photographic Rally. The […]

2nd Chopard Rally, in 7 weeks

4 April, 2019|

The 2nd Chopard Rally (23-26 May) will have 4 competitions in this edition: elegance, regularity, skill and photography. The age of the vehicle could serve to undo the ties. […]